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My name is Tina (Thien Nga). I began my career in baking and cake decorating at the age of 50. Although it was a late start, I finally discovered my passion, one that satisfied my love for culinary art, and my desire to bring joy to others. 


To me, there is something very unique and special about cakes. Not only can it be the perfect sweet endnote to the meal, but it can also be a beautiful centerpiece to any occasion, big or small. 


Nothing brings more joy to me than being able to translate amazing ideas into beautiful cakes. I always do my best to ensure my cakes help elevate the decoration of the parties, and delight  guests with fresh and delicious taste. 


Le Swan was created with a goal to exceed customers’ satisfaction by crafting every cake with passion, love and care; and by using only the freshest, top-shelf ingredients. Whether the cake is for your own occasion, or a gift to someone, we will make sure that everyone will be satisfied.

Come and bring us your ideas, if you can imagine it, we can create it!


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